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Sample Activities

Distance Lecture/Seminar
  JICA-Net Recommened Seminar "KAIZEN -Small steps to improve productivity

This distance seminar uses examples taken from Japanese companies to introduce developing countries to the concept of production management (such as Kaizen and 5S activities). This seminar is mainly aimed at the private sector, and has been held in 32 countries throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. In November 2008 a seminar was held over several days, and over 480 people in total participated. It resulted in improved motivation levels of the participants, who had had few opportunities to hear about real examples of Japanese companies, and was highly valued, as indicated in opinions such as: "I would like to introduce the concept of Kaizen to my workplace" (Zambia) and "It is a useful concept for improving operations not only of the private sector but also of public organizations" (Palestine).

Multimedia Content
  "Agroforestry," agriculture that cultivates forest - Producing in harmony with nature of the Amazon -

Using video clips, this material introduces "Agroforestry," a technology that combines forest conservation and agricultural management which JICA has been supporting. The explanation is concise and easy to understand, showing examples of the Amazon area. The material is used in TV broadcastings and events to enable a wide range of people to know about the technology and to introduce it to private companies over a short period of time. As an example of one of our achievements, a section of the video was broadcasted as part of a TV program on agroforestry as well as on a news program, and the video was awarded a prize in an international environmental film festival.

  Multimedia Content