A case of Regional Seminar in Africa

Seminar on System and Policy of Teacher Education in Japan


"This JICA-Net distance seminar has deepened my knowledge more on the In-service Education and Training" (Sierra Leone)

In June 2010, Japan and African 12 countries shared experience of school system via videoconference. More than 100 people participated in the distance seminar, including 63 teacher training related personals and 37 JICA experts, volunteers and overseas office staff in Africa. The seminar's focus was "Teacher Training Program and Policy in Japan". Participants paid attention to In-service Education and Training in which Japan has a wealth of experience. Since Africa region started to improve the quality of Education, JICA has implemented several science and maths projects in such countries as Kenya, South Africa and Ghana. In those projects, "teacher training" promotion is one of important activities to enhance the quality of basic education. "How can Africa institutionalize INSET program?" This regional seminar would be an eye-opening seminar to think more about the theme.
See details on the distance seminar at  https://jica-net-library.jica.go.jp/jica-net/user/lib/contentDetail.php?item_id=904
Voices from participants
  • Ghana

    "I propose regular video seminars like this not only for us but also for policy makers, Education Ministry and G.E.S directors, for them to see the need for effective institutionalization of INSET."
  • Mozambique

    "First of all, I would like to thank the government of Japan and JICA in special, by providing to us this opportunity to learn and share experience with other countries. Of course the information provided to the reality of our countries. "
  • Nigeria

    "The need for further opportunity to interact in session with colleagues and senior colleagues across the globe for effective and exhaustive life stage and life-long self-improvement. Thanks. "
    "The seminar was successful, but when next JICA is organizing a seminar of this kind, more time should be given to both seminar sessions and the Q&A sessions. The number of questions to be asked by members of the participating countries should be specified from the beginning of the seminar. And also time allocates to discussions was small. In general, issue of time should be re-considered. "
  • Uganda

    "In Africa and Uganda in particular there is a challenge of having large classes 1 teacher to 80 students especially in Universal Secondary Schools. What type of skills can teachers acquire through INSET, so as to overcome such challenge? "
    "It was wonderful experience sharing views of the INSET. I must thank JICA for this chance, and to request that such chances become more frequent. Thank you very much. "
  • Zambia

    "Most of the activities that are done in Japan are being implemented in one way or the other in Zambia. The two days seminar was helpful indeed in such a way that it has given an eye opens to what we should do. Lesson Study is going on in the three provinces in Zambia. There is great need to expand to other provinces. "
    "I learnt a lot in that some of the projects that we are doing here in Zambia are actually being done in other countries on INSET. The Continuous Professional Development (CPD) has taken root in Zambia. The appraisal system however, does not seem to be working well. "