A Case of Distance Seminar

Laos: The Second Trial of JICA-Cisco Collaborated Distance Seminar

Lecturer:Professor Suguru Yamaguchi, NAIST

* Lecturer:Professor Suguru Yamaguchi, NAIST

In February 2011, a collaboration distance seminar among National University of Lao, JICA, Cisco Systems Inc. (Cisco) and Nara Institute of Science and Technology(NAIST) was implemented, which is named as "CCNA Security Course: Growing Risks on Information Security Incidents -Mechanism, Trends and Lessons Learned from Japan Cases ". Sixteen Lao participants from academia and private sector discussed with Professor Yamaguchi about network security such as on "Recent Information Security Incidents", "Mechanism Causing the Incidents", "What Countermeasures up to now? " and "Future Issues". This seminar is the second module of last September session reported here.

* JICA Headquarters

* Lao Participants at JICA Lao Office

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