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Partnership with GDLN

Economic development and poverty reduction through technical cooperation and knowledge sharing are mutual goals of the Japan International Cooperation Agency's JICA-Net and the World Bank's Global Development Learning Network.

The signing of a Cooperation Agreement in November 2004 between JICA-Net and the Tokyo Development Learning Center, established by the World Bank in cooperation with the Japanese government in June last year, brings the reach and resources of the two networks together to form the world's largest development learning network.


Since signing a cooperation agreement between the World Bank's GDLN and JICA-Net on November, 2004, JICA-Net and GDLN are working together to elevate the relationship from facility sharing to knowledge sharing.

JICA-Net has delivered "JICA-Net Recommended Seminars" to Bank GDLN Centers in the Asia and Africa regions.
With the cooperation of the World Bank Institute (WBI), the Bank has also started to deliver its programs to JICA Overseas offices in 2007.

For more details, please visit The World Bank Tokyo Development Learning Center web site.

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