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JICA-Net / GDLNQuick Tour
 JICA-Net / GDLNQuick Tour
Partnership between JICA-Net and GDLN / TDLC at a glance.
Collaboration (6 Pages) Collaboration start
Click "Start" to learn more about the largest distance learning network in the world established by collaboration with JICA-Net and GDLN/TDLC.
What is JICA-Net (6 Pages) What is JICA-Net start
Click "Start" to learn about JICA-Net which is a distance technical cooperation promoted by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).
What is GDLN/TDLC (4 Pages) What is GDLN/TDLC start
Click "Start" to learn about GDLN (Global Development Learning Network) of the World Bank and positioning of the Tokyo Development Learning center (TDLC).
*Photographs used in this Quick Tour are provided by courtesy of; Kenshiro Imamura, Nguyen Dan, Katsumi Yoshida, Kouji Sato, JICA-Net Team, Tokyo Development Learning Center/The World Bank
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