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What is JICA-Net Library (JNL)?
JICA-Net Library is an online library that JICA launched in 2002 as a part of distance technical cooperation program. JNL archives Multimedia-based Learning Materials.
What is JNL User ID?
JNL User ID is basically issued to JICA staff and people who are engaged in JICA's projects. For further information, please visit "Apply for a JICA-Net User ID".
With your User ID, you can log in to our internal site and make a duplication request.
What is the "Content"?
JNL archives various kind of learning materials. We call them "Contents" and categorize into two groups.
- Open Access Content: for general use
- Internal Access Content: for JICA's projects use only
What is the "Duplication request"?
JNL provides duplications of our Contents for JICA's projects. A "Duplication request" can be made via our internal site.
Can I use video-conference rooms and JICA-Net library?
Our video-conference system is operated only for JICA's projects. JNL Contents are categorized into two groups. "Open Access Content" is provided for general use with no access limitation. "Internal Content" is for JICA's projects. In order to view the latter, a User ID is required.
How can I make reservations for a video-conference?
Our video-conference system is operated only for JICA's projects and reservations can be made by JICA staff..
Can I watch the Contents on JNL?
- If you have a User ID: All Contents uploaded to JNL are available.
- If you do not have a User ID: "Open Access" Contents are available. To select such Contents, choose "Open Access" in the "Access rights" criteria at Contents search page. For further information, please refer "About Library Use".

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About Watching Video

Are there any useful links that will help me understand usage of JNL?
You can learn how to use JNL at "About Library Use".
Why are there some Contents which have "Contents detail" page but do not have uploaded data such as movies and documents?
Regarding such Contents, we cannot publish them on our website, mainly because of copyrights law or portrait rights. If you would like to use this sort of Contents in JICA's projects, please contact JNL Desk.
I cannot watch some Contents due to my PC system or software. Can I borrow CDs or DVDs of them?
Please refer Can I borrow Multimedia-based Learning Materials?at the bottom of this page.
Are there any recommended browsers and applications when I visit/use JNL?
JICA-Net Library website is designed to perform best on Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome、Mozilla FireFox (as of May,2017). But for each browser's security settings, some of contents which using Flash files may not work suitably. If you find your browser is not appropriate, please try the other browsers.
To watch the Contents, please refer "3. Viewing the JICA Website"in JICA website FAQ. Some of PC system require installing QuickTimePlayer or RealPlayer to browse the movie contents. .
In the case of error unresolved, please contact JNL Desk.

User ID

How can I apply for a JICA-Net User ID?
JNL User ID is basically issued to JICA staff and people who are engaged in JICA's projects. For further information, please visit "Apply for a JICA-Net User ID".
I forgot my password.
Please visit "Password re-setting application" page. A Webpage link with instructions on changing your password will be sent to the email address on your account. If the problem is not solved after this procedure, please contact JNL Desk.

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Multimedia Learning Materials

What is the Multimedia-based Learning Material?
It is the digital material composed of movies, animations, audio, text and other kind of data to achieve a learning effect. JNL presents the materials on the website for you to learn freely, also delivers those duplications.
Can you tell me how to watch the Contents?
You can watch them at "Content detail" page.
If you have a User ID, you can make a duplication request. You can watch the Content even if you are in the place where internet connection is not available.
I cannot find the kind of Contents I would like to use. Do you provide some lists by languages or thematic issues?
You can run advanced search at "Contents search". Please visit and learn how to use our search engine at "About Library Use". Lists of Contents can be downloaded from "List" tab page.
How can I get CDs or DVDs of the Content?
If you have a JNL User ID, you can make a duplication request from each "Content detail" page.
Regarding the registration of a User ID, please refer "Apply for a JICA-Net User ID".
To make a request, please refer "Duplication Request of Multimedia Contents".
The costs for duplication and shipping are covered by JNL.
I cannot find "Duplication request" button of the Content which I would like to use.
This kind of Content is not available for either duplication or distribution. Though depending on your purpose and usage, we can lend some of them. Please refer "Can I borrow Multimedia-based Learning Materials?" on the bottom of this page.
Can I receive duplications of Content by mail or other delivery services?
Yes. The shipping address can be specified to;
- In Japan: anywhere
- Outside of Japan: JICA Office only. Please refer our office locations.
How many days are required for the duplications?
The duplications are sent out from Tokyo, Japan. For the international shipping, it usually takes two or three weeks. It varies depending on the destination. In addition, when you make request for more than one hundred of duplications, the extra one week is needed.
I do not know how to play(start) a CD-R which I recieved.
Please refer "Instructions for Use".
Can I borrow Multimedia-based Learning Materials?
Some of our Contents are available but you have to submit an application form(in Japanese only).
Can I borrow master tapes of the Contents to use it in our broadcasting?
Please contact JNL Desk. Some of the master tapes are available but you must submit an application form (in Japanese only) in advance. If your intended purpose to use our Contents is not according to our policy, we may have to decline your request.

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Inquiry regarding Multimedia Contents, or library registration
JICA-Net Desk, Planning and Sectoral Strategy Division,
Governance and Peacebuilding Department
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Reception hours: 9:30-17:30(JST)
Nibancho Center Building
5-25, Niban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8012
TEL: +81-3-5226-8298
FAX: +81-3-5226-6334

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Video Conference

Inquiry regarding the use of the videoconference system
JICA-Net Support Center
Supporting hours:9:00-19:00(JST)
Nibancho Center Building
5-25, Niban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8012
Tel: +81-3-5226-8164/8165 Extension:2288/2291
Email: pbtjn-jicanet-spt@jica.go.jp

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