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Privacy policy
When we collect personal information such as a user's name, address, email address or telephone number via the website operated by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), we would collect the information after indicating the following: the purpose for which it will be used the organization, if any, to which the information is provided and a reference. We collect this information within the appropriate scope, remaining fully aware of the importance of this information.
1.Scope of using the collected information and the data

JICA saves, uses and analyzes personal information collected from the users within the scope of the activities of JICA. In addition, JICA shall be able to use the collected personal information and data based on the provisions prescribed in the terms of service.

2.Disclosure of the collected information
JICA does not intentionally disclose personal information collected from the users to any third party, except in the following three cases:

  • When legally obliged to do so
  • When approval for the disclosure of personal information to the third party has been given by the provider of the information and
  • When assigning contractors to process information that JICA has collected, to the extent necessary for the processing

JICA takes the necessary measures to prevent leakage, loss, and damage of collected information as well as for the appropriate management of the collected information.
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