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〔JICA Colombia;  Introducing the cases of rural development via the movie materials"〕

JICA-Net Multimedia-based Learning Materials Sample Activities[JICA Colombia; Introducing the cases of rural development via the movie materials]

For vitalization of each community

Guiding panel using for initiative

'OVOP Colombia Project' which has been started since March 2014 [Implementation period: 4years] set the goal to build "a beneficial model for rural development toward people widely". Target products and local resources for OVOP are filigree products [silver wire accessories], cheese, 'cana flecha' products [made from local plants fiber], astronomical observation, traditional festivals, pottery art, eco-friendly agricultural crops, etc., by each unique initiative from 12 prefectures in Colombia, with a two-pronged strategy as reinforcement their products' competitiveness, facilitating social inclusion and community development.

OVOP committee of Quindio pref.

In Japan, we have an opportunity to access some of sample activities of rural development not only OVOP, but also community building or regional vitalization. However, in actual scene in international cooperation, it is difficult to get understanding to apply Japan's experience into the partner countries' cases because of the differences between politics, economic system, society structure and culture. Therefore, in the project, we used the opportunity of OVOP training at OVOP committees of prefectures, OVOP Central committee of the government, and counterpart organizations, tried to share some examples via the movies in "Endogenous Regional Development through Community Initiatives ".

Fairtrade event held by the project site I've assigned

Six different cases are introduced in this material, so we can select a sample activity for similar case in actual scene. Regarding a few of area which has resemble products or resources, it might be a useful reference how Yufuin and Beppu tried to differentiate their own resources. Against the case of the company activity in Asuke city, Aich pref., they surprised toward Japanese elderly stayed healthy and high energy in aging society that Colombia faces same problem in recent years.

Yukiko Haneda
OVOP Clombia Project Expert

*The Material(s) mainly applied
" Endogenous Regional Development through Community Initiatives "

The process of regional development promoted by the initiative of local people using local resources, including natural, human, physical, and financial resources, and social capital, based on local culture, traditions, and skills is referred to as Endogenous Regional Development (EnRD), while the process of regional development promoted by governments utilizing outside resources with legal controls and technical innovation is called Exogenous Regional Development (ExRD). This material introduces the process of EnRD by presenting Japanese case examples, including that of former Oyama Town, Oita Prefecture; One Village One Product Movement(OVOP); former Yufuin Town, Oita Prefecture; former Meiho Village, Gifu Prefecture; Ikeda Town, Hokkaido Prefecture; and former Asuke Town, Aichi Prefecture.

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