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〔What is KAIZEN? Improving Quality of Healthcare〕

JICA-Net Multimedia-based Learning Materials Sample Activities[What is KAIZEN? Improving Quality of Healthcare]

"KAIZEN" utilized in hospitals

The content, newly registerd materials in FY2016, was fully utilized through the year, then won the first prize of duplication ranking in FY2016.

It was used in various scale and purposes, for individual learning, sharing information in small group, playing on screen with many audiences, etc., specifically as follows;

- For the reference of projects

- To share the knowledge and information between the person who engaged in projects, volunteers working on health sector, and counterparts of projects

- For the supplemental material in universities lectures

- For using in the JICA's co-creation program course of "medical equipment maintenance management"

- For playing on a monitor in the event of health, welfare and social security

- For deepening understanding of Kaizen and TQM, DVDs were distributed toward the ministry of health, university hospitals, prefectural hospitals in Madagascar where 5S-TQM nationwide-spreading support project was implemented.

*The Material(s) mainly applied
" 「What is KAIZEN? Improving Quality of Healthcare」"

This material describes the concept and overview of KAIZEN, the seven steps of KAIZEN and KAIZEN activities implemented at Iizuka Hospital in Japan and in public hospitals in Tanzania.

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