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〔Utilized in Individual Learning and Study Sessions〕

JICA-Net Multimedia-based Learning Materials Sample Activities[Utilized in Individual Learning and Study Sessions]

Provide various business knowledge in an understandable way

Not just playing movies or delivering discs toward trainees, multimedia-based learning materials are utilized as individual leaning or study sessions.

Even low profiles in hot ranking, various materials are utilized as references of business. As a result, they supports JICA's activities.

Particularly, since picking up in JICA-Net internal lunch time screening session, series of "The Okinawan Experience in the sector of health system" were requested to use in JICA internal workshops, or to be a reference for the project which had been implemented at that time.

*The Material(s) mainly applied
"Livelihood Improvement Approach in Africa ~ SONGA-MBELE Activity in Kenya~"

Livelihood Improvement Approach in Africa ~ SONGA-MBELE Activity in Kenya~ is the material which introduces the case of Livelihood Improvement Approach in Kenya. JICA Tsukuba has implemented the regional training course for Africa.Asia-Africa Cooperation on Rural Community Development by Livelihood Improvement Approach(2006-2008), which introduces the Japans experience of Livelihood Improvement Approach after The World War II. The SONGA-MBELE is the activity initiated and has been operated by the ex-participant of the course and this is the good example of the adaptation of the Japanese experience to Africa. We hope that people interested in Livelihood Improvement Approach would watch it and understand JICAs efforts.

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"'The Okinawan experience in the sector of health system' series1 -- 2films"

This DVD shows the measures of Okinawa Prefectural to improve its health situation that faced to a shortage of human resources, health facilities, and a large prevalence of the infectious diseases after the WW2.
Title1: Okinawa addressed to improve on health care administration. This experience is explained within the framework of the four stages of epidemiological transition (Acute infections, Chronic infections, Life-style related diseases, Geriatric diseases).
Title2: Public Health Nurse System and the activities stationed in all the municipalities of Okinawa, even in remote areas and isolated islands to act closely with the people in the community.

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"'The Okinawan Experience in the sector of health system' series2 -- 6films "

This DVD contains 6 titles as below which introduce measures for health reconstruction after the WW2 in Okinawa and add detail examples on 'Series 1'.
1.Public Health Nurse in Okinawa -Successfully Fighting Tuberculosis-
2.The Zero Parasites Campaign -Development and success of the Okinawa Parasite Control Association-
3.Helping the Next Generation Fulfill Its Promise -MCH activities by the Okinawa Society of Child Health-
4.History of Health Insurance in Okinawa -Towards Universal Coverage-
5.The Native Counselor in Okinawa -Modern Medicine and Folk Healing-
6.Home Delivery Drug System -Primary Care based on Market and Trust-

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"Strengthening of Local Health System -Inter Local Health Zones in the Philippines-"

This teaching material titled "Strengthening of Local Health System (Devolution and Health Services): Inter Local Health Zones in the Philippines" focuses on how Inter Local Health Zones are organized, the process of institutionalization, and how they are helping to make effective use of limited resources. The material is based on the experiences of local governments in the Philippines as they worked together to improve the quality of local health services following the devolution.

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