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〔"School for All" opens the way to the future〕

JICA-Net Multimedia-based Learning Materials Sample Activities[

"School for All" Project

It is new version material which revised in FY2017 with adding new approach into the original of FY2007.

Besides "ALL PLAY", it is playable from each chapter[theme] buttons as "Revitalization of School Management Committee" or "Model for Effective Use of School Grant", etc., in short length.

In actual activities of utilization, following requests have been reported from the users.
- For the reference of volunteer activities
- For distribution toward the people who concerned with UNICEF
- For introducion to counterparts
- For exhibition and distribution toward participants in the event of Association for the Development of Education in Africa[ADEA] Triennale
- For screen presentation in symposiums
- For using in the special exhibition "SDGs -17 promises connect to the future-"in JICA Chubu center
- For the supplemental material in universities lectures

*The Material(s) mainly applied
"'School for All' opens the way to the future"

This material explains the "School for All" project. It looks at three basic aspects: the why ("objective"), what ("focus") and how ("approach") of JICA's cooperation with partner countries. And it consists of two contents, one is public information, the other is training materials for who are interested or start the school for all project.

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