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〔JICA Hokkaido(Obihiro) JICA-JAXA Joint Exhibition: Approaching the World from Space〕

JICA-Net Multimedia-based Learning Materials Sample Activities[JICA Hokkaido(Obihiro)  JICA-JAXA Joint Exhibition: Approaching the World from Space]

Tokachi and Space Development

At JICA Hokkaido Center (Obihiro), JICA-JAXA Joint Exhibition is being held starting Friday, August 4 through Sunday, September 24, 2017. The exhibition, which is taking place at the center's exhibition space Obirukku, is organized to introduce collaboration between JICA and JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency). This special summer-vacation exhibition is designed to highlight cooperation between JICA and JAXA primarily targeting children who have interest in space, but also for families and school trips.

JICA Hokkaido Center (Obihiro)

In Tokachi area, where Obihiro Center is located, there is a high interest in space development among citizens. For instance, Taiki Town in southern Tokachi launched "Aerospace Station Initiative" in 2010 when the town joined "the Galaxy Federation", an association of municipalities that have JAXA's research facilities, and it has undertaken activities including rocket-launch experiment at its testing site. Hokkaido Prefectural Office also holds exhibition called Space Development in Hokkaido every year at its PR space. Thus, space is attracting more and more attention in Hokkaido.


JAXA flight suit

With such a background, our exhibition focuses on close relationship between JICA and JAXA to shed light on how space development is being used to address global issues.
While exhibiting flight suits worn by JAXA astronauts and displaying astronaut quiz to entertain those who are interested in space itself, we also exhibit models of Daichi (advanced land observing satellite, ALOS) and Daich 2 (ALOS-2), that are being used to support disaster reduction, environmental management and mapping since 2009, so that visitors can precisely understand how space development can help tackle global issues. At the exhibition we also show multimedia-based learning material "Protecting the Worlds Rainforests from Space -Japan and Brazil Cooperation Spreading through the World-", which details the contents of actual projects.

Inside exhibition room

JICA signed a partnership agreement with JAXA in 2014 and has expanded the scope of collaboration from traditional field into new areas such as agriculture, emergency aid, human resource development and capacity development, so that we can strengthen the tie and further develop our capacities. We hope this exhibition will contribute to our future development.

Hideki Matsuzaka
JICA Hokkaido International Center (Obihiro)

*The Material(s) mainly applied

" Protecting the Worlds Rainforests from Space -Japan and Brazil Cooperation Spreading through the World- "

The world's rainforests, the heart of nature's bounty, are now in imminent danger.
The Amazon, which accounts for about half of the world's tropical rainforests, is no exception. Forests are being destroyed for the illegal logging, farming and grazing land development. In the last 40 years about 74 million hectares have been destroyed, about twice the size of Japan.
The main reason why illegal logging can't be stopped is because it is difficult to patrol, since the Amazon is so vast, and hard to access. In the case like this, the key is the monitoring from space.
In conjunction with Brazil, JICA had achieved a great breakthrough in recent years using satellite monitoring technology to protect rainforests from space, and now JICA has begun efforts to spread these achievements around the world through the new international cooperation.
This multimedia-based learning material "Protecting the World's Rainforests from Space ~Japan and Brazil Cooperation Spreading through the World~" shows the detail of the satellite monitoring and the result, and the actual example in Indonesia of the Triangular Cooperation adopting the technology harvested between Brazil and Japan.

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