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〔JICA Cuba  JICA showcases its projects at the 35th Havana International Convention〕

JICA Cuba; JICA showcases its projects at the 35th Havana International Convention

Introduced JICA's activities in the industry fair

The 35th Havana International Convention was held for 5 days from October 30 to November 3, 2017 at EXPOCUBA. It is the largest industry trade show in Cuba hosted by the Ministry of International Commerce of Cuba, (MINCEX, an assistance-receiving agency and counterpart organization of JICA), Cuba Chamber of Commerce (CCC) and the Center for Promotion of Foreign Trade and Investment of Cuba (PROCUBA), participated by 3,400 companies from 70 countries across wide range of industries including machinery and food. There were many pavilions across the vast site of 27,000m².

Japan Pavilion

Japan also took part in it with 13 companies/organizations including JICA, having JETRO being responsible organization. We set up our own Japan Pavilion, where we received all kinds of visitors such as Cuban ministry officials including JICA's counterparts, those engaged in Cuban industry, general citizens, students, former JICA trainees and people who have relation to Japan.

Delivering specific images to diverse visitors

Inside Japan Pavilion

JAt JICA booth, while continually playing PR video provided by the Public Relations Office, we screened videos titled "What is KAIZEN? Improving Quality of Healthcare" and "Extension of Organic Agriculture Techniques for Assistance to Small Scale Farmers' Groups", in order to give specific examples of our projects. Among visitors, some stopped and closely watched the videos for a while. Although we could not screen some other materials that we had prepared due to problem with equipment at the site, we are confident that our exhibition contributed to gaining certain interest in JICA's activities, through videos of our major projects.

JICA booth and visitors

During the 5 days of convention, we distributed 1,000 leaflets to introduce JICA, as well as 1,700 leaflets to introduce JICA projects in Cuba, and now we are receiving several inquiries regarding them. As we believe the contents of the materials are highly helpful for those engaged in our projects in Cuba, we will further utilize them in future exhibitions and trainings.

Tetsuya Kawakami
Project Coordinator, JICA Cuba Office

*The Material(s) mainly applied

That is KAIZEN? Improving Quality of Healthcare

This material aims to deepen understanding of Kaizen among medical practitioners and those who work at quality control department of ministry of health in developing countries, so as to introduce and promote Kaizen activities in the field of healthcare.
It explains general concept of Kaizen and its historical background, implementation structure and 7 steps of Kaizen. The video gives case examples in Iizuka Hospital in Fukuoka Prefecture and in a public hospital in Tanzania to make it easy to comprehend.
It's available in 5 languages (Japanese, English, French, Spanish and Arabic).

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Extension of Organic Agriculture Techniques for Assistance to Small Scale Farmers' Groups

In the developing countries, where small scale farmers occupy an overwhelming majority, the needs of organic farming are high and its trials are practiced in various regions, because of its effective practical use to local resources. However, it may be said that development of the organic farming technology is poor for the small scale farmers, who do not have enough mechanics or materials. So it is demanded to support their sustainable development in the viewpoint of organic farming system.
This Contents focus on the relations construction of a relationship between producers and consumers, upbringing of "thinking farmers", and the lesson can be shared with small scale farmers are compiled.

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