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〔JICA Headquarters  Think through moving images: Promoting international understanding in Japan in the era of SDGs ~Part1:Refugee Acceptance in Japan~〕

JICA-Net Multimedia-based Learning Materials   Sample Activities〔JICA Headquarters  Think through moving images: Promoting international understanding in Japan in the era of SDGs ~Part1: Refugee Acceptance in Japan~〕

It started as a casual luncheon screening

"I am too busy with my daily tasks to spare enough time to watch the learning materials" - at JICA headquarters, we hear such comments from those work in the office. To help them solve this problem, JICA-Net Library holds lunch time video screening once a month, mainly for employees of the headquarters constrained with time. Participants gather at a conference room and watch the materials together while having lunch in 45-minute lunch break. It serves as an opportunity to deepen knowledge of their professional field, learn about projects of fields that they are not familiar with, or to discover how they can utilize these materials for their training programs. Ever since it started in FY2013, the number of participants is gradually increasing.

We also introduced JICA Global Plaza website [Japanese]

As our first attempt to expand this screening activity, we held a joint seminar titled "Think through moving images: Promoting international understanding in Japan in the era of SDGs -Part 1: Refugee Acceptance in Japan" in collaboration with Global Plaza Promotion Division , utilizing the Teaching materials for school about "Refugees", "Islam", "Official Development Assistant" and "School Education". But it means little if we only show videos and audience watches it. We intended the seminar to be the starting point for understanding the situation of our own society. So we conducted the seminar referring to the video on refugees, especially the 4-minute part that tells how each country is accepting refugees, along with commentaries of some willing staff members. At the same time, we gave some suggestions on how to use the material.

Opportunity to reflect upon our own society

As JICA workers tend to direct their focus on foreign issues because of their jobs, some question and feel concerned about the fact that they know little about situations in Japan. Fortunately, at JICA, where most staff members have their own expertise and are dealing with various themes and issues, it is relatively easy to create a forum to share knowledge beyond departmental boundaries.

(From left) Mr. Naito, Ms. Takashima, Ms. Arai

Main organizers of this seminar were Ms. Yumiko Takashima, secondee from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees [(UNHCR] to JICA, and Mr.Tohru Naito, Head of Global Plaza Promotion Division. The seminar was well attended by 50 participants filling the entire conference room and by many more from seven other domestic and international offices through television conference system. During the seminar, Ms. Makiko Arai, former staff member of NPO Japan Association for Refugees and current staff of JICA Industry Development and Public Policy Department, gave a lecture on the situation of refugees living in Japan and how Japan is accepting refugees, by citing data. In her talk, including Q&A sessions from time to time, she stressed the importance of knowing before anything.

The seminar went on beyond 15 minutes the lunchtime and lasted 60 minutes, reflecting extensiveness of the theme. During the Q&A sessions, panels received enthusiastic questions from employees who are interested in the issue, and we are now convinced that there is a need for more in-depth seminars in the future.

We will continue our effort to provide a place for learning using this material and further share knowledge within JICA.

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*The Material(s) mainly applied

Teaching materials for school about "Refugees", "Islam", "Official Development Assistant" and "School Education" [Japanese]

This video material is composed of videos filmed at JICA project sites and news/interview films produced by news agencies across the world including NHK, so that it can be easily used at schools. With running time of about 10 minutes for each topic, it covers the following four themes: Refugees, Islam, Official Development Assistance, and Education.
Refugees:1) People fleeing their countries 2) Life after migration 3) Refugee acceptance by country
Islam: 1) Overview of Islam 2) Islam in the world 3) Discrimination against Muslims 4) Muslims living in Japan
International Cooperation/ODA: 1) What is international cooperation/ODA? 2) Japan's international cooperation efforts and examples of ODA projects 3) International cooperation to jointly solve problems
Education: 1) Education challenges in Niger, Africa 2) "Schools for all" project for solving problems 3) Results of "Schools for all" project

More details