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JICA-Net Multimedia-based Learning Materials   Sample Activities〔The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 'Nationwide Expansion of Lesson Studies' by the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia〕

Launching "Nationwide Expansion of Lesson Studies"

A scene from leaders training

In October 2017, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia launched a program named "Nationwide Expansion of Lesson Studies". This program was initiated by officers of the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who received JICA thematic training "Improving Teaching Methods for Science and Mathematics in Primary Education (B) FY2012". Following a process of trial and error in an attempt to introduce lesson studies they learned in Japan, they conducted pilot projects involving 30 schools in major cities and now it is an official program run by the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. So far, it has been adopted in about 2,000 schools in 47 regions in the country, for the purpose of training teachers and improving lesson contents.

Learning lesson studies through moving images

In March 2017, we screened a JICA-Net Multimedia-based Learning Material titled "Teachers Learning Together -Japanese Teacher Training System and Lesson Studies-", at an education seminar held in Saudi Arabia. The video, which depicts liveliness of actual Japanese schools, was highly appreciated by the seminar participants that it made one JICA education expert to think it should be used as a learning material for nationwide expansion of lesson studies. Active and lively class sessions, teacher's question and students' response, children's sparkling eyes, the way the teacher plans lessons, and the air of after-class reflection - you cannot deliver all these aspects of Japanese schools with written materials only, but with videos, you can. Therefore, we believe this material is useful for nationwide expansion of lesson studies. Combined with two other videos, "The History of Japan's Educational Development" and "School Education in Japan 'Elementary Schools Today'", the material would help viewers further understand the history of Japanese education system and current situation. and contribute to awareness raising among educators from many different fields.

The project leader (ex JICA Knowledge Co-Creation program participant), being interviewed for TV program

For development of education in Saudi Arabia

Target users are teachers of 2,000 schools that have adopted "lesson studies" -about five teachers from each school- making approximately 10,000 individuals. We hope that enthusiasm of Japanese schools will be passed on to those in Saudi Arabia through using JICA-Net learning materials for the nationwide expansion of lesson studies, which is now an all-out endeavor of education organizations and educators in the country.

Hiroyuki Mori
Chief Representative
JICA Saudi Arabia Field Office

*The Material(s) mainly applied

Teachers Learning Together - Japanese Teacher Training System and Lesson Studies-

This video consists of two sections. The first section, called the System Section, provides an overview and explanation of the in-service teacher training system in Japan. The second section, called the Practice Section, explains the significance and perception of lesson studies and the system that makes them possible. The Practice Section focuses on one teacher and introduces a lesson study from lesson planning to lesson implementation and reflection upon the lesson. The continual process towards learning by teachers results in better lessons and happier students whose enthusiasm in turn energizes the teacher. This section focuses on the development of the students as well as the teacher.

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The History of Japan's Educational Development

From the beginning of modern Japan to today, how has education in Japan developed and expanded? By using over 120 pictures that reflect social context of the times, this video explains the complete history of Japanese education.
The primary purpose of this material is to be used by JICA education experts at project sites to explain education in Japan and to offer essential information needed for implementation of educational cooperation. We use this video to help viewers gain deeper understanding on background and history of Japanese education.

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School Education in Japan "Elementary Schools Today"

This material introduces Japanese primary education by following a day in the life of Kamitoba Elementary School in Kyoto, Japan. This material can be used at seminars, symposiums, and lectures, for self-learning, and advocacy and information provision on education for the governments of developing countries.

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