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〔The Republic of Kenya  Regional Vitalization and Industry Promotion: Training in Kenya〕

JICA-Net Multimedia-based Learning Materials  Sample Activities〔The Republic of Kenya ; Regional Vitalization and Industry Promotion: Training in Kenya〕

Awareness-raising on the day 1 of training

In February 2018, Domestic Training Course for Local Industry Development in Africa was held in Embu County, Kenya. We screened this learning material after explanation of basic concept of OVOP(one village one product)initiative on the first day of the course, and also upon the opening of the second day. We did so because we believed it would be effective to share specific examples through video at the early stage of the training to enhance motivation and understanding on local industry development.

Awareness on new approaches

Interviewing entrepreneurs on field trip

The learning material features efforts of OVOP program in Ohyama Town, Oita Prefecture, and decentralized hands-on exhibition approach implemented in Surin Province, Thailand, to concisely explain specific processes of local development. Local government officers who watched the material seemed quite impressed. How to find local resources for regional vitalization and industry development, how to tell stories about such local resources, and how to utilize them - through examples of developing ideas, raising residents' awareness and motivating residents, we believe the video prompted participants' awareness on new approaches. They are quite different from traditional industry development scheme that promotes only products recommended by the government. The participants also discovered new concepts for creation of new market within the region, such as local development through identification of available resources and cross-sectoral approach (e.g. agriculture/handicraft plus tourism). The process of enhancing the project, such as failure in the beginning followed by process of trial and error, seemed to attract empathy of viewers.

Supporting regional vitalization in different ways

Activity-assessment workshop

We believe these video learning materials are very beneficial for both of concerned parties in the target region and trainees to deepen understanding on importance of local industry development. These materials would be useful especially when government-lead and top-down conventional approach is not working. It would also be an effective tool to clearly and concisely share those alternative approaches with many people. It can be used not only by local government officers, but also by sectors to support SMEs or supporters of agricultural entrepreneurs such as SHEP, to figure out next growth step. We hope these videos will offer clues to viewers and help them achieve higher goals.

Kenji Nakano
Project Coordinator
JICA Kenya Office

*The Material(s) mainly applied

Systematic Value Addition for Rural Communities ~Decentralized Hands-on Exhibition Approach~

This media material was made for rural development practitioners to utilize the Decentralized Hands-on Exhibition Approach, which is the alternative approach for rural development. The video contains the case of pioneer of the approach, Surin Province Thailand supplemented with other countries such as Paraguay and Nicaragua, explains the concrete process of the approach. It also contains the interviews of practitioners as well as the participatory development methods utilizing workshop in order for community people to take initiatives for holistic rural development.
The training program on Rural Development of Oyama town in Oita and the Decentralized Hands-on Exhibition has been receiving approximately 700 participants up until 2014. This media material was made for former participants in the training program in order for them to utilize it as a supplementary material for better understanding and promotion of the approach in the process of implementation. In addition, it was made for wider audiences and practitioners who are involving in rural development to share the alternative approach and its significance.

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Constructing Oyama -An Alternative Approach for Rural Development-

Based on the interviews with practitioners, the materials; video and images of the old Oyama regarding the efforts in the development of Oyama were edited. It consists of three main chapters; Searching for a dream (Let's plant Plums and Chestnuts and go to Hawaii), Achieving objectives (Implementation organizations and collective activities), and Human Resource Development (Changing Mindsets).
The training program on the One Village One Product Movement and the Decentralized Hands-on Exhibition (Onpaku) has been receiving approximately 600 participants up until 2013.The visual material was created for those participants to make their stakeholders comprehend these ideas gained through the training program as well as to share the significance of the training program with a wider audience.

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