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〔JICA Kansai  Providing information on international cooperation in collaboration with Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture〕

JICA-Net Multimedia-based Learning Materials Sample Activities〔JICA Kansai Providing information on international cooperation in collaboration with Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture〕

A tool for international understanding

Sanda City's Town Development Cooperation Center

Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture, has over 1,000 non-Japanese residents from about 40 different countries. Within Sanda City's Machizukuri Kyodo Center (Town Development Cooperation Center) housed in a commercial facility in front of the train station, there is the International Plaza, whose role is to provide information about international exchange events and information for foreign citizens. JICA Kansai, in collaboration with the International Plaza, screens JICA's video learning materials at the Center's permanent video corner as part of our weekly international cooperation PR activity. JICA video materials are also screened at Sanda City's international exchange event "Friendship Day in Sanda" and in JICA Kansai's display booth when we take part in exhibitions.

To make citizens feel closer to global issues

Citizens watching the learning material

Human trafficking, refugees and immigrants, poverty, conflict, Islam and current state of Afghanistan - the world is facing many different issues. Global issues cannot be remedied by one country but cooperation among different nations. It largely depends on whether each of us citizens can feel a sense of ownership to global issues, instead of perceiving them as other people's business happening somewhere far away.
JICA video materials are handy for understanding global issues in a limited time because of their short running time that is about 10-30 minutes. At Sanda City Machizukuri Center, many visitors stay to watch the entire video once screening starts. The contents seemingly attract Sanda citizens who are actively engaged in international exchange. Being located at Kyodo Center, whose number of yearly visitors reaches 100,000, we feel that we are successfully reaching out to wide-range of people including students, families and seniors.

JICA pamphlets displayed on rack

Spreading Sanda City's international cooperation activity to the whole Kansai Region

Sanda City has been actively participating in JICA programs and has dispatched local government cooperation volunteers through a program managed under Secretariat of JOCV. For instance, dispatch of Sanda City's Sanda Crafthouse staff to Republic of Palau is expected to promote recycled glass craft in the country. We will continue our effort to offer information and opportunities related to international cooperation to people in Kansai region, referring to best practices gained through cooperation with Sanda City.

Tomoo Nasuda
Civil Participation Division
JICA Kansai Center

*The Material(s) mainly applied

Teaching materials for school about "Refugees", "Islam", "Official Development Assistant" and "School Education"

This video material is composed of videos filmed at JICA project sites and news/interview films produced by news agencies across the world including NHK, so that it can be easily used at schools. With running time of about 10 minutes for each topic, it covers the following four themes: Refugees, Islam, Official Development Assistance, and Education.
For more information, please visit link below: https://www.jica.go.jp/hiroba/program/practice/education/video/index.html   [Japanese site]

More details

The current situation of Trafficking in Persons and JICA's support

This material explains JICA's initiatives in the field of Gender and Development, especially the current situation of Trafficking in Persons and JICA's cooperation with partner countries.
The material was created to promote the information sharing and dissemination of the situation of Trafficking in Persons and JICA's activities in the Mekong region countries.
Suggested uses for this material include seminars, university lectures, development and international relations courses, and training sessions in Japan and abroad.

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