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JICA-Net Sample Activities〔JICA Kansai Center  Disseminate information of international cooperation from a hospital〕

JICA panel exhibition at Himeji St. Mary’s Hospital

Himeji St. Mary’s Hospital

JICA panel exhibition was held from 26th September to 1st November at Himeji St. Mary’s Hospital which is the general hospital in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture. Thanks to one of workers in the hospital who is associated with JICA, the hospital agreed with JICA’s activities and the exhibition. The hospital provided not only the space but also electronic bulletin boards, so we were able to screen JICA-Net multimedia materials.

4 themes exhibition of international cooperation

SDGs and SME panels were displayed at ”Trends of international cooperation” corner

The panel exhibition had 4 corners, each of which was exhibited in related four spaces in the hospital.
●”Trends of international cooperation” corner
●”International cooperation in Health” corner
●”International cooperation in maternal and child health” corner
●”Japan Disaster Relief(JDR) corner
“Trends of international cooperation” corner focused on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) Partnership Promotion Survey which is one of JICA’s Partnership with the Japanese Private Sector. JICA’s Partnership with the Japanese Private Sector is the program which assists developing countries’ initiatives to achieve their development goals through utilizing the private sector technologies and create a win-win relationship. As a case study, we introduced Himeji Flower Auction Co., LTD in Himeji city, which is operating “Verification survey with the private sector for disseminating Japanese technologies for development of high-quality flower production areas in Vietnam.” We also added real fresh flowers produced in Vietnam by the company. At ”International cooperation in Health” corner, Universal Health Coverage(UHC) and JICA volunteers in Health were picked up. ”International cooperation in maternal and child health” corner was prepared for visitors to Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology. Additionally international understanding brochures for child education were arranged at the same corner for the mothers. JDR corner was for Medical staffs interested in contribution to emergency support.

Effective approach during waiting time

JICA-Net multimedia materials at waiting room

We screened JICA-Net multimedia materials on the electronic bulletin boards at the hospital waiting room. 3 materials related to the contents of each exhibition had been selected as follows: “JICA's Actions Toward Achieving the SDGs” that has an easy-to-understand overview of SDGs, “What is KAIZEN? Improving Quality of Healthcare” that introduces Kaizen activity of medical institutions in both Japan and developing countries, “Teaching materials for school about "Refugees", "Islam", "Official Development Assistant" and "School Education"” that is divided into four viewpoints of various world problems, and it is summarized in some 10-minutes visuals. We also arranged brochures related to the materials for the viewers to provide the detailed information and to arouse their interest in international cooperation. As the result, many brochures were provided. The exhibition was well successful to visitors because of 2 main reasons. At first, almost people in the waiting room could watch the video until their call. Secondly, kinds of the video were curious compared with the environment. Approximately 15,000 people visited the hospital in October, so we were able to provide quite a lot of people JICA-Net multimedia materials. In addition, some medical staffs gave a comment "When is the next exhibition planned?", because the information have met their eyes every day and they were interested in the contents.

Through this project, we confirmed that video presentation in a waiting room is a very effective approach. I would like to continue to provide opportunities and information to participate in international cooperation widely, in cooperation with local partners.

Tomoo Nasuda
JICA Kansai Center
Partnership Program Division

*The Material(s) mainly applied

JICA's Actions Toward Achieving the SDGs

Regarding Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs): like many actors already started their actions both within and outside Japan, JICA has been active in various areas through innovative approaches. This DVD contains JICA's actions and concrete practices toward achieving the SDGs, such as supporting formulating national SDGs plan in developing countires, partnership with private sector, volunteer activities in overseas and so on. The DVD also contains an animated cartoons that illustrate what is sustainable development. It will be welcome that JICA and people who are engaged in development assistance deepned their knowledge related to the SDGs. Furthermore, this material can be used for JICA's PR activivites in varitey of seminars, meetings and school teachings when the theme are related to the SDGs.

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What is KAIZEN? Improving Quality of Healthcare

This material describes the concept and overview of KAIZEN, the seven steps of KAIZEN and KAIZEN activities implemented at Iizuka Hospital in Japan and in public hospitals in Tanzania.

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Teaching materials for school about "Refugees", "Islam", "Official Development Assistant" and "School Education"

The material of short movies in four themes as 'Refugees', 'Islam', 'Official Development Assistant' and 'School Education', is re-edited from the news and interviews recorded by JICA's project, NHK and press of the world. It is expected to be supplement teaching aid for development education program in schools. [Japanese Only]

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