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〔JICA Bhutan    D-HOPE promotion in Bhutan ~Community-based bussiness support~〕

JICA-Net Sample Activities〔JICA Bhutan  D-HOPE promotion in Bhutan〕

Utilization of JICA-Net Multimedia materials at the exhibition for small entrepreneurs

The exhibition held in Changlimithang Parking Ground

In Bhutan, as one of country-specific trainings called "Community Entrepreneurial Capacity and Rural Enterprise Development Phase2 (technical cooperation projects)", JICA implements D-HOPE (Decentralized Hands-On Experience Program). On November 16 to 18, 2018, the exhibition for small entrepreneurs "Cottage and Small Industries Fair" was held in Bhutan and JICA-Net Multimedia materials at the exhibition was used. A couple of years ago, "An Oral History of Female Entrepreneurs", one of JICA-Net Multimedia materials was being produced when I was involved in One Village One Product Movement in Kyrgyz Republic as an expert, and that’s why I knew about this material. I utilized this material because it summarizes the struggles or efforts of female entrepreneurs in Asian countries and I thought it's suitable to show the cases of how to start a business by women. I also used the material,"Systematic Value Addition for Rural Communities ~Decentralized Hands-on Exhibition Approach~", which seemed to be effective for promotion or understanding about D-HOPE.

To deepen learning about fostering entrepreneurs and regional development

JICA booth crowded with visitors

We screened two of JICA-Net Multimedia materials at our JICA booth with introduction of D-HOPE. "An Oral History of Female Entrepreneurs" follows female entrepreneur's lives through interviews in developing countries, which let the viewers know the attitude that led to success, the way of overcame difficulties and so on. These attitudes of women who run businesses with their way making the most of women's ideas and positions could be a trigger not only women’s entrepreneur but also to make various women's opportunities, such as improving skills, increasing interactions, and developing products. I thought that "Systematic Value Addition for Rural Communities ~Decentralized Hands-on Exhibition Approach~" was very effective to understand the concept of D-HOPE. This multimedia material has been created so that rural development practitioners can take advantage of on site. It has described through interviews with practitioners the specific process of regional promotion such as the participatory approach using workshops to motivate residents and the method to find and utilize regional resources. This multimedia material shows methods of fostering entrepreneurs and regional promotion in rural areas by "Customer Experience Program" which is the opposite approach to the visiting type exhibition like this time. I thought that’s why participants watched the video with interest.

Participants watching the multimedia materials enthusiastically

Regarding entrepreneurs, I believe they got to know the success stories in other countries and learned a lot about important things in business management such as consciousness, ways of thinking, points to keep in mind. This multimedia material seemed to be utilized effectively even for Department of Cottage and Small Industry's officials not normally involved in D-HOPE to learn more about JICA project and the concept of D-HOPE.

Visual materials linked to practice directly

I think it's very effective to use these multimedia materials for fostering local entrepreneurs. We can learn deeply from these visual materials about the specific methods or attitudes of enhancing business. For example, raising awareness and drawing out the ideas of residents, which are different approaches from the conventional way following government policy, and trial-and-error spirit which regards failure as good experiences and keep trying to challenge. I believe that these multimedia materials could be utilized greatly, in training entrepreneurs or administrative officials involved in local business support.

All of participant's eyes were glued to the video. They have their own backgrounds, and their knowledge about garbage issues varies for each person. Therefore, sharing the recognition of the garbage problem at the beginning of the meeting was very effective for the subsequent discussion.

Yumiko Yoshizawa
JICA Bhutan office

*The Material(s) mainly applied

An Oral History of Female Entrepreneurs Vol.1-4 Collection

This material explains the stories of business women, depicted based on facts told in interviews, high-lighting individual lives. It is expected that such points as success and failure in life, how they gained the success, and how they overcame problems will emerge through the stories.

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Systematic Value Addition for Rural Communities ~Decentralized Hands-on Exhibition Approach~

This media material was made for rural development practitioners to utilize the Decentralized Hands-on Exhibition Approach, which is the alternative approach for rural development. The video contains the case of pioneer of the approach, Surin Province Thailand supplemented with other countries such as Paraguay and Nicaragua, explains the concrete process of the approach. It also contains the interviews of practitioners as well as the participatory development methods utilizing workshop in order for community people to take initiatives for holistic rural development.

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