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JICA-Net Sample Activities〔JICA Global Environment Department Showing efforts concerned to Earth Observations ~During GEO Week 2018~〕

Held GEO conference promoting GEOSS

GEO (Group on Earth Observations) is an international organization to promote GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems) which consists of multiple observation systems integrating satellite, ocean and ground observation. It was implemented to establish at Earth Observation Summit 2005 to achieve sustainable society.

Crowded venue filled with many participants

GEO Week 2018 was held from 29 October - 2 November 2018 in Kyoto, Japan. GEO plenary session is the annual meeting to get together all members and related organizations. The event focused on GEO’s three priority engagement areas and local activities.
●United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
●Paris Climate Agreement
●Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.

Speakers and participants discussed more opportunities for the use of GEOSS and Earth observations from some points of view including user's.

Screening JICA-Net multimedia materials at JICA booth

Displayed panels and screening multimedia materials at JICA booth

There was an area to exhibit about earth observations in this event. I asked my colleagues for information of that and one of them let me know JICA-Net multimedia materials, then I decided to use them. Through the multimedia material titled “Disaster Statistics for Disaster Risk Reduction”, we can learn the goals indicated by SDGs and Sendai Framework as well as the significance of Disaster Statistics which is the foundation to achieve these goals. The content of this movie material was related to the theme of this meeting in many parts. “Japan's Disaster Experiences Reflected in the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction” introduces disaster experiences and knowledge in Japan which are included in Sendai Framework as “Importance of DRR investment”, “Strengthening the capacity of DRR organizations”,“Build Back Better”. I believe I was be able to make an appeal the way of approach to Sendai Framework which is one of GEO’s three priority engagement areas by screening this movie material. Additionally, movie material: “Local Disaster Risk Reduction Plan: Creation and Implementation by Local Governments and Communities ~Case Study of Kuroshio Town, Kochi Prefecture, Japan~” shows the significance and role of Local Disaster Risk Reduction Plan through the experience in Japan. This is one of efforts to Target E of the Sendai Framework which is required to achieve in 2020. “Disaster Risk Reduction and International Cooperation” in which international symposium organized by JICA was recorded shows the discussion about international disaster prevention guidelines by representatives of United Nations member countries and international organizations.

A participant and JICA Staff exchanging opinions about multimedia materials

Some of participants watched these movie materials with interest. I felt that by screening these movies we were able to offer some tips toward obvious goals which are required to address internationally for the challenges human beings facing. I’m going to utilize JICA-Net multimedia materials continuously because these are so effective to introduce JICA’s efforts at the even international conference like this time.

Hiroaki Okonogi
Forestry and Nature Conservation Group
JICA Global Environment Department

*The Material(s) mainly applied

Disaster Statistics for Disaster Risk Reduction

This video explains the significance and importance of disaster statistics in planning and implementation of effective disaster risk reduction measures and the Sendai Framework Monitoring based on the examples of Japan and the world.

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Japan's Disaster Experiences Reflected in the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction

The Sendai Framework for DRR - a global disaster risk reduction trend formulated in 2015 - includes a lot of Japan's suggestions. Importance of DRR investment, strengthening the capacity of DRR organizations, Build Back Better are the representative ones. The video shows why Japan advocated such things through the explanation of Japan's typical disasters and lessons learnt from those.

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Local Disaster Risk Reduction Plan:Creation and Implementation by Local Governments and Communities ~Case Study of Kuroshio Town, Kochi Prefecture, Japan~

To accomplish the Target E of the Sendai Framework for DRR,This material explains details of the Sendai Framework for DRR and Importance of formulation of Local DRR Plan through good practice in Japan.

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Disaster Risk Reduction and International Cooperation

This is a program of an international symposium on 14th March, 2015 organized by JICA titled DISASTER RISK REDUCTION(DRR) AND INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION. Symposits reported/discussed items as listed below.
1. Activities of each organization / Exchange lessons learnt
2. Pre-disaster Investment
3. Build Back Better
4. Strengthen capacity of central government
5. Conclusion: Necessity of International Cooperation

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