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JICA-Net Sample Activities〔JICA Okinawa History of Public Health in Okinawa〕

Using multimedia materials in JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Programs

On January 17th and 18th, 2019, I used the following two JICA-Net multimedia materials in JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Programs: “Public Health Activities for Strengthening Maternal and Child Health,” and “Strengthening of Community Health System for Infectious Diseases Control.” The materials cover fundamental parts of the training, and I thought it would be convenient for participants to have copies that can be viewed even when internet service isn’t always stable. Therefore I ordered duplicates of the material.

Women who were working as Public Health Nurses

These materials chronicle healthcare improvement in Okinawa after World War II. They tell how public health workers addressed problems such as a shortage of human resources and health facilities, as well as high infant mortality and outbreaks of infectious diseases. Especially enlightening is an in-depth look at the Public Health Nurse System which has been indispensable in the history of health and sanitation in Okinawa. The materials show the efforts of health administration and how the people involved overcame challenges over the years.

Both a case study of public health improvement and an introduction to Okinawa

Screening the multimedia material in training

I found that JICA participants who viewed these videos were more engaged in their training programs. The case studies in the materials would be very effective to identify similar situations and improve public health in each participant’s home country. Some of the people in the materials have since passed away, so they provide a precious opportunity to hear stories from those who shaped Okinawa’s public health system.I thought the materials are not only educational for people building and strengthening UHC(Universal Health Coverage)in developing countries, but also useful to introduce the history of public health in Japan and Okinawa.
I think JICA-Net multimedia materials are helpful for deepening pre-learning and basic understanding of the training simply through viewing. I would like to utilize these continuously.

Naoko Nakama
JICA Okinawa Center

*The Material(s) mainly applied

"The Okinawan experience in the sector of health system" series1 -- 2films

This DVD shows the measures of Okinawa Prefectural to improve its health situation that faced to a shortage of human resources, health facilities, and a large prevalence of the infectious diseases after the WW2. Title1: Okinawa addressed to improve on health care administration. This experience is explained within the framework of the four stages of epidemiological transition (Acute infections, Chronic infections, Life-style related diseases, Geriatric diseases). Title2: Public Health Nurse System and the activities stationed in all the municipalities of Okinawa, even in remote areas and isolated islands to act closely with the people in the community.

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