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JICA-Net Sample Activities〔JICA Guatemala To reinforce teachers' ability-  From a visual material of teachers mutual learning -〕

Utilization of JICA-Net multimedia learning materials in the teacher training course

JOCV who joined the training course

In Guatemala, students use a math textbook elaborated by JICA Technical Cooperation Project. In order to promote their appropriate use and to develop student learning, Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers[JOCV] who are engaged in mathematics field are working in this country. The JOCVs who were engaged in same field have started a periodical working group from 2019, in a part of their activities, they have hold a capacity development training course against teachers in all over Guatemala. In such a situation, a project formulation advisor in JICA Guatemala office, who is in charge of education, got the idea of using audio-visual material in their training course. This is how they found JICA-Net multimedia materials.

To make the vision clear through the material

150 participants watched the video

The materials they utilize were “The History of Japan's Educational Development”, “School Education in Japan ‘Elementary Schools Today’”, and “Teachers Learning Together - Japanese Teacher Training System and Lesson Studies-”. At the working group in June, the JOCV watched the contents, and discussed how to make use of those materials. On July 8th, they actually used those materials as introduction of this workshop held in San Marcos. This training course where 6 JOCVs and 150 teachers participated, finished successfully.

Participants were watching those video earnestly. In “The History of Japan's Educational Development”, they could look over how Japanese modern education system began and developed up to date. On the other hand, “School Education in Japan ‘Elementary Schools Today’” introduces Japanese primary education by following a day in an elementary school. It shows current condition in Japanese education and gives images of ordinary Japanese elementary school. In “Teachers Learning Together ・Japanese Teacher Training System and Lesson Studies-”, it mainly introduces “lesson studies” where teachers learn mutually and practical process in detail by focusing on one of the teachers who performs “lesson studies”. Those materials helped the participants to understand what the JOCV want to promote in Guatemala and to catch their vision more clearly.

Making use of the benefit of visual content

Trial lesson. The multimedia materials were used there, too

Where a region in quite different circumstance, for example, it is hard to explain only in words against the people have no image of Japanese method as learning each other among teachers or among students. Toward those people, the movie contents which shows actual attempts is very useful to understand it more deeply. The JOCV held training course in Solola on July 20 and 40 junior high school teachers joined. They also considered to utilize materials in the training course for members in mathematics club of secondary school teacher training of San Carlos University, that the only national university in Guatemala, full scale cooperation has been going on with JICA section. I would like to use JICA-Net multimedia-based learning materials in various cases with taking advantage of visual contents benefit.

Miku Sekikawa
JICA Guatemala Office

*The Material(s) mainly applied

The History of Japan's Educational Development

From the beginning of modern Japan to today, how has education in Japan developed and expanded? By using over 120 pictures that reflect social context of the times, this video explains the complete history of Japanese education.

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School Education in Japan "Elementary Schools Today"

This material introduces Japanese primary education by following a day in the life of Kamitoba Elementary School in Kyoto, Japan. This material can be used at seminars, symposiums, and lectures, for self-learning, and advocacy and information provision on education for the governments of developing countries.

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Teachers Learning Together - Japanese Teacher Training System and Lesson Studies-

This video consists of two sections. The first section, called the System Section, provides an overview and explanation of the in-service teacher training system in Japan. The second section, called the Practice Section, explains the significance and perception of lesson studies and the system that makes them possible. The Practice Section focuses on one teacher and introduces a lesson study from lesson planning to lesson implementation and reflection upon the lesson. The continual process towards learning by teachers results in better lessons and happier students whose enthusiasm in turn energizes the teacher. This section focuses on the development of the students as well as the teacher.

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