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JICA-Net Sample Activities〔JICA Myanmar Disseminate information of JICA’s work in Job fair〕

Screening materials for students in job fair

Students who visited JICA exhibition booth

In job fair which was held in Yangon University of Foreign Languages in Myanmar on July 13th, 2019, JICA conducted public relation activities to students who prepared to find employment. During the first half of the fair we introduced JICA’s business overview by using brochures to students who visited JICA exhibition booth, in second half, we screened JICA-Net multimedia-based learning materials, “JICA's Cooperation for Rule of Law Promotion - Serving to Make Rules for a Better Society -” and “An Oral History of Female Entrepreneurs Myanmar”.

Support to Myanmar visualized by materials

The material, “JICA's Cooperation for Rule of Law Promotion - Serving to Make Rules for a Better Society =g we played this time, introduces JICA’s activities of assisting legal rules preparation for developing countries where essential rules for market economy have not been developed enough through a few example in Lao and Myanmar.n Especially in the example of Myanmar, the movie shows their project focuses on developing the laws of intellectual property, and reports how JICA transmits professional knowledge and supports human resource development with the organizations concerned. The material easily enable to inform what is the results of JICA’s attempt bring in Myanmar.

Members of Myanmar Women Entrepreneur`s Association. They support female entrepreneurs widely.

The other material “An Oral History of Female Entrepreneurs Myanmar” is an interview to female entrepreneurs taken by utilizing experiences and human networks as results of JICA’s cooperation and contribution toward women’s empowerment and status improvement in developing countries today. This material focuses on 3 female entrepreneurs who runs a business in Myanmar, where economic growth is remarkable but gender equality is not enough yet. Gratefully many women participated in this screening, we felt we were able to appeal JICA’s positive attempt for women’s empowerment and status improvement to them sufficiently.

A role as public relations

Many students watched our materials.

60 local students who were interested in JICA watched those materials. Students told watching movies was useful them to understand JICA’s business overview in addition to introduction by word of mouth, and we thought we could get a result as planned. For the reason that those contents gave an example of Myanmar, I thought students could feel JICA’s attempt more closely and imagine specifically what JICA’s works are and those results come.
JICA-Net multimedia-based learning materials are often used for training course. However I thought those materials are able to play a role as public relations sufficiently. Particularly for students, the materials are the means not only impressing as JICA is an option for their future occupation but also being able to arise their interests toward international cooperation field widely. We would like to use materials in study tour for students who visit JICA Myanmar office in future as well.

Eri Kimura
JICA Myanmar Office

*The Material(s) mainly applied

JICA's Cooperation for Rule of Law Promotion - Serving to Make Rules for a Better Society -

This material introduces JICA's cooperation for Rule of Law Promotion showing objectives and activities of the cooperation at domestic and international stage.

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An Oral History of Female Entrepreneurs Myanmar

This material explains the stories of business women, depicted based on facts told in interviews, high-lighting individual lives. It is expected that such points as success and failure in life, how they gained the success, and how they overcame problems will emerge through the stories.

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