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JICA-Net Sample Activities〔JICA Hokkaido Sapporo Center; To maintain African roads -Learning pavement technology by using videos-〕

Utilizing the material for JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Programs of "Road Management and Maintenance"

Deterioration and damages in roads.

Over 90% of transportation in sub-Saharan Africa is depended on road infrastructure. In spite of the continuous increasement of traffic demand through economic development, roads have not been maintained efficiently and properly. These issues in road maintenance have caused deterioration as well as critical damages in roads.
JICA Hokkaido has held the JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Programs of "Road Management and maintenance E" for African trainees of Francophone countries from January 11th up to February 18th, 2021. The trainees were unable to visit Japan due to the COVID19 pandemic and travelling regulations. Therefore, an online course has been introduced as an alternative solution utilizing JICA-Net multimedia-based three learning videos; "Cause Analysis of Road Pavement Damage", "Repairing Methods" and "Pavement Material Tests" selected from "Road Management and Maintenance Technology for Africa".

The material explains the knowledge and technology of asphalt pavement effectively

This training course has been a helpful way in instructing the implementation and the adoption of practical technology for road management and maintenance. Introduction of the road administration of Hokkaido and other practical examples were intended for the trainees to absorb the knowledge and technology for them to utilize in their own respective countries. The participants have had discussions and presentations which enabled further understanding of the content discussed in the online-course.
I knew JICA-Net Library through YouTube Channel. The videos were found in JICA-Net Library. The selected digital materials specifically focused on road management and maintenance in African regions.

Pavement Material Tests. The material explains from preparation for specimen to result in detail.

JICA-Net multimedia-based learning video, "Road Management and Maintenance Technology for Africa" showed not only about the road situation in the African region, but also illustrated the approaches of JICA, and the training course held by JICA Osaka. The video has also included ideas such as the way of thinking for road management and maintenance, and the pavement material tests.
Evaluation from the participants suggested that 80% had grasped the knowledge and experiences about the general material tests. On the other hand, the data revealed that very few trainees had the knowledge and experience about material tests for asphalt. It was notable that this concerning data had been the reason for the material to have a great emphasis on dealing with asphalt.

The 3 videos that were used for this online course are practical parts of the material. Contents such as concrete condition and work procedure for asphalt pavement has been introduced by using various illustrations and pictures. "Cause Analysis of Road Pavement Damage" explains situations where asphalt pavement is damaged, and other various conditions and causes of those damages were also discussed. "Repairing Methods" shows 4 management and repairing methods. "Pavement Material Tests" actually examines 9 material tests of asphalt and illustrates each process by dividing following stages: preparation for specimen, procedure of material testing, comparison of results, and results.

Trainees are able to use this material while staying in their own countries

JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Programs of "Road Management and maintenance E" online.

After completing the whole program, questionnaires were sent to the trainees which inquired about the contents of the training course. High evaluations were received, especially toward "Pavement Material Test" among the 3 videos introduced in the course. Impressions from trainees were shown such as "Every lecture had things to learn and new discoveries, and I was able to get more knowledge that I have never known". Even though the trainees were put under tough situations and were unable to inspect nor join the practical sessions in Japan, the alternative style of streaming the video enabled participants to acknowledge the technology in detail, which could have been a great challenge had it only been shown by words and illustrations. JICA-Net material is always available online, so trainees were able to use these materials even after the training course.

Although I simply held on to the few videos from the selected material during the online-course, other videos were also highly effective in introducing the knowledge and points about how JICA may perform effectively in training, and demonstrated how trainees were inspired through the training course. These video materials are useful not only for trainees participating in the KCCP of "Group and Region Focus Program" and "Country Focus Program" in the road sector, but also for those performing in the training course. I have high expectations that the material will be used more effectively and widely in the future.

Kohji Sunazaki
JICA Hokkaido Sapporo Center

*The Material(s) mainly applied

Road Management and Maintenance Technology for Africa

This material shows the importance of road and paving planning and inspections in developing African countries through the use of visual images of actual inspections. The JICA Osaka office's "Road Management and Maintenance Technology for Africa" is a three-year practical training course. This material is expected to be used for post-training follow-ups and as shared information after participants have returned home.

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