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About JICA-Net Multimedia Training Tool Series

This JICA-Net Multimedia Training Tool Series consists of JICA's issue-based contents, which aims to use broadly in technical cooperation and to develop JICA's capacity of dealing with issues. JICA has started to develop this series since 2004. In developing multimedia contents, issue-based taskforces or teams have selected important subjects from 23 issues, and have advised on the subjects. Their direct involvement strengthens relation between JICA-Net and JICA's knowledge management system, and this makes the contents useful.

This material, "Low-risk community-based rural development model", is planned and directed by Forest Conservation Team, Global Environment Department under the management of JICA-Net Team, Social Development Department.

About the production teaching material

PRODEFI(the abbreviation of the French name "Projet Communautaire de Developpement Forestier Integre, or the Integrated Community Forestry Development Project in English)is a project that the Department of Water and Forests in Senegal, and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) have cooperated on since January 2001. This project is to train villagers the sustainable management of natural resources through spontaneous actions taken by the villagers in the rural areas of Senegal.
The PRODEFI project introduced here is designed by the PRODEFI project specialist in consideration of the background of social forestry in Africa. It is an example of the participatory development approach. The training for many people is held using local resources in order to meet the local needs in villages.

This material can be used for several purposes. First of all, it is used as a reference for the extension workers of Senegal's Department of Forestry and Water. Secondly, it is used as a reference for the people who are in charge of other participatory development projects, to assist planning and give suggestions on how to approach the local people. Finally, it is for people who study developmental education, as a way to learn through project examples.

This material is composed of 2 parts; video material and PowerPoint material.

The video material shows how the activity affected the lives of the participants, such as Senegalese families and staff from the Ministry of Forestry and Water, from their point of view with footage shot at the actual sites.
The PowerPoint material includes the presentation data entitled, "Introduction of the PRODEFI Model: How to make an easy and effective development base."

Application needed for viewing the PowerPoint material:Microsoft PowerPoint