This material,“Skills Make Your Dreams Come True” is a material developed to be used for career counseling in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions. It shows four role models in two countries, Jordan and Tunisia. The Jordan’s case is about a young man working for drinking water supply company established by himself and a lady working in a clothing factory. The Tunisia’s case shows two former TVET trainees’ experiences. We hope that instructors, employment promotion staff, Japanese Volunteers, or JICA experts engaged in TVET sector use this material and it helps future trainees to make their dreams come true.

What is JICA?

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is one of the implementing bodies of Official Development Assistance for the government of Japan, focusing on technical cooperation for developing countries. The role of JICA is to cooperate with the developing countries to resolve their specific issues and to pursue their own sustainable development.

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What is JICA-Net?

JICA-Net is a distance technical cooperation program promoted by JICA. JICA-Net aims to complement JICA's technical cooperation using a wide range of information and communication technologies such as multimedia-based learning materials, videoconferencing system, and internet. The two purposes of JICA-Net are:

  1. To enhance JICA's capacity to deal with development themes or issues; JICA-Net accumulates and inculcates JICA's knowledge on international cooperation in the form of issue/theme-based contents such as multimedia-based learning materials.
  2. To promote distance technical cooperation; JICA-Net implements distance learning seminars to enhance quality and quantity of technical cooperation program. Distance learning seminars , workshops and videoconferencing provide means to share knowledge resources and networks with each country.

What is Multimedia-based Learning Materials?

JICA introduces series of multimedia-based learning materials which deal with important themes or issues in implementing JICA's technical cooperation. These materials aim to provide alternatives to strengthen JICA's activities to deal with the themes and issues, which have been developed every year as the following.

Multimedia-based Learning Materials introduced in FY2007

  1. Teachers Learning Together Japanese Teacher Training System and Lesson Studies
  2. Pour une meileure ecole Paquet Minimun pour la participation communautaire a la gestion scolaire Projet Ecole Pour Tous (French only)
  3. どうなる、どうする、身近なエイズ ~あなたの赴任国とHIV/AIDS~(Japanese only)
  4. The Learning material in Water Resources Sector The technical course on water usage and flood control
  5. JICA運輸交通ハンドブック(Japanese only)
  6. 運輸交通 日本の経験(Japanese only)
  7. Radio Regulation at a Glance Study from Cases of Japan
  8. Seminar for improving sustainability in PV Rural Electrification Projects
  9. 日本の家畜防疫体制 知っておきたい家畜伝染病予防の制度と仕組み(Japanese only)
  10. TRY ITI Environmental Education for harmony with nature
  11. City Planning System in Japan
  12. JICA’s Efforts for the Global Environment
  13. 現場のことホントに知ってる?~社会調査って使える~(Japanese only)
  14. JICA国際協力出前講座 世界が教室にやってくる!(Japanese only)
  15. To foster District Health Management in Africa Tanzania-Morogoro Health Project

This material,“Skills Make Your Dreams Come True” is planned and directed by Technical and Higher Education Team, Human Development Department under the management of JICA-Net Team, Social Development Department of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). We wish to thank the following for their great cooperation in developing this material.

<Cooperation in Production>

- Jordan
Trans World Apparel Manufacturing
Vocational Training Corporation

- Tunisia
SAGEM Centre Sectoriel de Formation en Industrie, Electrique et Electronique, Agence Tunisienne de Formation Professionnelle

<Cooperation in Making a Movie>

- Jordan
Mr. Muhannad Awwad Al-Jammal
Ms. Nawal Zahi Aref Aldeli
Mr. Mahmoud Abu-Khadra, Vocational Training Corporation
Mr. IKEDA Jun, Project Expert
Mr. NAKAHARA Shinichiro, JICA Jordan Office
Mr. Adel Zureikat, JICA Jordan Office

- Tunisia
Mr. Habib Methenni
Mr. Mohamed Anouar Chrigui
Mr. KAKUZEN Yodo, JICA Tunisia Office
Mr. Abdelmajid BEN HAJ YAHIA, JICA Tunisia Office
Ms. Karim SIALA, JICA Tunisia Office